After School Snack Attack WP101/1

Twenty minutes and start!  Funny how I have “so” many things to write about but when it comes to me sitting down pen on paper, or in this case keyboard on computer, my mind goes blank.   Oh well, this is 20 minutes of random thoughts.  Cool.

The boys just came home from school.  Being the teens they are, there is a tie for the first pit stop: the pantry and the refrigerator.  I am weight challenged and that means I am watching what I eat.  Sometimes I feel like I watch everything I put in my mouth.  Ha!  When the kids are home temptation is great because of all the snacks that find their way out of their hiding places.

Well, right now as I write there is a bag of Lays potato chips staring me in the face.  The cereal boxes come out.  Bowls come out.  The cereal gets poured and milk follows.  I have two teenage boys sitting in the dinner table discussing how school went and what homework is due in between “snap, crackle, & pop”!  Then the question of the day, “What’s for dinner?”.

“Salad and pasta,” I answer my hand reaching for the bag of chips.  Their stomachs satisfied.  They disappear into the computer room to begin their school assignments….well…maybe with a detour of FIFA on the Playstation.  But…it’s Monday night football, so I think they’ll get a jump on their homework!

I have to separate myself from the bag of chips!  It is now back in the pantry.

Time’s up!  Til the next assignment.


3 thoughts on “After School Snack Attack WP101/1

  1. You did way better than I could. When I have a path I can write a blue streak but give me randomness and I freak out. Think Tom from Tom and Jerry where his entire body separates right down to his tongue eyeballs. I love how you conveyed the concept of controlled chaos with short pieces of sentence.

    • Thank you @Ryker! Blank pieces of paper can be very daunting for me as well. You have a fun way of describing chaos “Think Tom from Tom and Jerry where his entire body separates fright down to his tongue eyeballs”. So visual!

  2. I am the same way when I write! If I have to think hard to write about something… I know that it’s going to be a load of bologna lol. I could write for ever when I just free my mind and talk about what I love and know!

    Cute and relatable post!

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