Sushi Date

Renewing my spirit is seizing quality of connectedness with one of my teen/adult children.  One of my daughters loves sushi with a passion.  So, sushi is our gathering meal that binds us together!

Eating food that is gratifying to the palate disinhibits one to talk about anything and everything and makes difficult topics easier to discuss.  Dining embraces community.

Mackenzie and I have our usual “go to” sushi restaurant, but today we tried a new one. Since we were shopping in The Fashion Valley Mall, we wanted to stay in the area.  Yelping sushi restaurants, we found one located in the mall, Blue Smoke Sushi Lounge.  The ambience was welcoming.  We were seated promptly.  Our server gave us excellent recommendations.  Our palates were satisfied.  Our hearts and spirits were renewed!

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Taking July to Renew My Spirit

May and June were back to back months preparing for my son’s high school graduation and my daughter’s college graduation with her move to New York a week later; accompanying my mom to Houston TX the beginning of May, then to Las Vegas NV the end of May to the beginning of June.  My mom uses a cane and doesn’t drive, so my brother and I take turns accompanying her to Vegas or any place she goes out of town.  This was my turn.  Both times.  Mom is pretty high need physically and emotionally.  I’ll devote a post to that relationship sometime in the future.  For now, picture “Driving Miss Daisy”.

I juggle Per Diem work and being a full-time Mom.  No complaints, most of the time.  It’s only when I’m in “HALT”, that things can get ugly.  This acronym coined by my therapist: Hungry; Angry; Lonely; Tired is the barometer I use to see where I am.  I spiraled into the “T” zone by the end of June.  Once I’m down, all the other letters easily tumbled down with me.  Time to regroup.

So, I am taking the month of July to nurture my spirit.  Budget is always an issue, because “my budget is on a budget”,  I have no plans to go out of town or out of the country.  I am learning to embrace “loving where I live”.  My intention for this month is to Instagram my neighborhood and it’s surrounding areas that lift my spirit and energize me.






Hi! I am Val

Hi! Everyone.  Please call me Val!

I have been blogging inconsistently for awhile and have participated in previous Blogging 101 courses.  My goals are to complete more assignments than previous; to connect with bloggers with common and uncommon interests; to have fun and enjoy the process.

Who am I?  First, I will always be “Mom”.   Then, there is Me.  Wait!  There is no secondly.  I have learned to embrace this mindset of kinetic balance between Val <=> Mom.  This blog is about my journey in honoring, acknowledging, loving  “My Spirit”.  Years ago the only label I knew about myself was ‘doormat”.  Today, I don’t have to fear “walking on egg shells” on a daily basis.  Hence, “valconnectingthedots”.

Things that I like to do and blog more about are cooking and eating out.  Love Love Love to dine out.  This is a luxury but when indulged, I have relished those times.

However, being on a “tight” budget is teaching my family and me to cook more home meals with appreciation and mindfulness.  We have been including more organic vegetables and meats in our diet.  I am learning how to be creative with the remaining ingredients in the refrigerator to last until grocery day which usually coincides with payday.  Googling recipes online has been a fun adventure helping me whip up healthy, tasty, and easy meals for my family.

Another interest is travel.  The on-going question I have for myself is “how do I nurture this desire on a budget?”  To reduce going into  victim mode I have made a decision to spend less time on Facebook .  So, to counter this, I have started to keep a daily journal of things I have done locally that have recharged my spirit.

There are many other topics that interests me, but those will have to wait for another time.  They will have their time to surface organically.  Now, this is a good place to pause.  See you soon!