Eggshells Unbroken

the day I came home and turned on the light

to those who did not treat me well and, for some reason, wondered why I left:

it is because I remembered that I loved myself more than I loved the idea of an “us”

it is because I remembered I was worth more than you could ever give

it is because I realized I did not need you

because I had me

the day I came home and turned the light on

Heart Talk by Cleo Wade

August 2005, Mola Vista.  Our first night in the city.  The apartment was tiny.  But just enough for the 6 of us.   A temporary stay while our house was being renovated a couple miles away.   Just the 5 younger kids and myself living here M-F going to their respective schools.  The house in the country was still on the market and the 2 oldest kids continued living there with their dad (then husband).

For the first time since 1987, I slept soundly.  Quietness.  All were  soundly asleep.  Having the bed all to myself,  I knew something needed to change…just not sure who, what, where and  how at that time ….therapist..the word settled in my thoughts as I drifted to sleep…

…get a therapist.  Me only.  Not him and me.  Just me.