Ten Years Ago

I celebrate today, June 5, 2018.

Ten years ago today was the pivotal event that sealed my family’s fate.  We never looked back.  I never looked back.

June 5, 2008.  Ten years ago I served my ex with divorce papers and 6 temporary restraining orders.  Waiting for his return from the Philippines, I had my brother, the court processor, 2 hired security guards, and 2 active duty Sheriffs with me.  All had firearms…

Future writings will go into greater detail of what we went thru.  Tonight, it is all about Gratitude.

I am grateful for the courage all 8 of us had to leave and remove ourselves from a very dangerous person who hurt us physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.  That night once the court papers and TROS were handed to him, we knew that door was closed, never to be opened again.   We learned to trust in the process that somehow we would make it thru these difficult and scary times.  Ten years later… we are on the other side.  We have made it thru to the other side.

Yes.  We have bruises.  Yes.  We have battle scars.  I know we have much inner work to do…that goes without question.  Yet, we have earned our badges of resilience, bravery, courage, trust, fortitude…and continue to do so…We have moved from surviving to thriving.

Thank you God, the Universe,  for keeping us safe.  Thank you for giving us what we needed, when we needed it.   Money was tight.  However, money came  when we needed it.    I am grateful that many people who I consider Guardian Angels came into our lives when we needed guidance and advice.  They held our our hands and lifted our spirits when we had none left.  They were our cheerleaders.  They were the switch that turned on the light when we only saw darkness.  I need to pause.

….enveloped in love and just….love…I am protected.  I am safe.  I am free.  I am empowered.  My kids are protected.  They are safe.  They are free.  They are empowered.

We are on the other side.  We are on the other side.  Wow!  Wow!  Wow!   Here’s to another 10 x 10 years of always moving forward and never looking back…

I Am

I am a Human Being with a Soul.   I am Female.

I am The Baby Boomer Generation in the very end of the 1950’s.  I will turn Sixty…soon.

I have learned the internalization of practicing gratitude.  I work hard to affirm myself and feed my Spirit.  I work to seek internal validation.  I make space in my life to love the person God created me to be and to love others for whom God created them to be.

I have worked very hard these past 10 years to love myself; to forgive myself; to be selfish; to honor myself; to be courageous and spirited; to laugh again and be playful; to be an authentic parent, a single parent; to honor and embrace all my emotions; to be resourceful; to practice mindfulness; to be daring; to rely on others; to have women and men friends who are fiercely loyal.  I am the definition of “It Takes A Village”.

I know defeat, abandonment, betrayal, depression, isolation, victimization.    I AM BRAVE.  I AM RESILIENT.

Brooklyn Bridge.  DUMBO. Picture taken by me, October 2017